Satisfying Customers’ Cravings With Frozen Desserts

Vampire Penguin in Glen Allen, Virginia offers a wide selection of light and fluffy shaved snow desserts. Led by Ray Penkalski, we are a fairly new company that hopes to bring families and friends together through our low-calorie and low-sugar frozen desserts.

From strawberry shortcake to coffee toffee, you are sure to find a flavor to satisfy your cravings. Visit our online menu to see our full list of desserts and drinks!

The Story of Vampire Penguin

Vampire Penguin is a penguin who lives in the North Pole. And even though there are no other penguins in the North Pole, Vampire Penguin lives there because he is a vampire. His best friend is a walrus who has led himself to believe that he is a vampire as well (because of his tusks). Even with the chosen life of darkness and isolation behind Vampire Penguin’s nonchalant eyes, he truly misses his family and longs to be with them, so he makes shaved snow to bring families and friends together.

Reach Out to Us

We would love to hear from our dear customers. If you wish to learn more about our company or our licensing and franchise options, fill out our website’s contact form and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.